The Top 5 Makeup Brushes That Should Be In Your Cosmetic Bag

Do you have a multitude of makeup brushes cluttering your bathroom vanity? Do you keep each applicator that comes with a new makeup purchase yet find yourself returning to your favorite makeup brush time after time? 

The truth is, women only need five makeup brushes in their arsenal. Review the following five must-have makeup brushes to see which ones you need to add to your cosmetic bag:

1.  Every woman should have a fan brush in her makeup bag. This wide, rounded brush is excellent for applying powder foundation and distributing bronzer on your cheeks and temples.
2. An angled brush is great for applying liquid or cream foundation makeup. The short, dense bristles help you distribute makeup evenly while the angled tip helps you contour makeup under your eyes.

LANCÔME Multi-Function Foundation Brush
LANCÔME Multi-Function Foundation Brush

LANCÔME Multi-Function Foundation Brush is a versatile synthetic bristled foundation brush for use with all formulations, whether liquid, cream or powder.Thanks to the association of rose petal shaped brush and a short handle, the application is controlled and uniform, creating an expert and flawless makeup result.

3. A round buffing brush is a must for those wanting a finished look. Once you have applied foundation, blusher, and bronzer, a round buffing brush lets you complete your look. With small, circular sweeps, use the soft bristles to give your complexion a final touch-up before heading out the door.

bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush
bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush

bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush is a multi-purpose brush for the multitaskers.
With its soft-tapered, semi-round bristles, this versatile brush works great with powder foundation, bronzer, blush and loose powder.

4. A stippling brush is terrific for applying blusher. The dense yet soft bristles of a stippling brush are perfect for dabbing blusher on your cheeks.

5. Another must-have is an eye shadow brush. The soft applicator lets you glide eye shadow across your lid while contouring darker colors in your eyelid crease.

RMK Original Brush Set (Limited Edition)
RMK Original Brush Set (Limited Edition)

This limited edition RMK original 3-piece brush set comes with a high-quality cheek brush, an
eye shadow brush and an eye shadow tip. The soft bristles feel comfortable on your skin and help create a refined and even makeup look. The short handles make them great brushes on the go. 

If you focus on these five makeup brushes, you'll never be at a loss for the right applicator. Make sure not to cross-contaminate your brushes, and replace them at regular intervals. How many of the above-listed brushes are currently in your makeup bag?

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