10 Beauty Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

Let’s admit it – it’s every woman’s dream to look fabulous. Getting your regular facials, putting on trendy makeup and updating your hairstyle once in awhile can certainly make you look and feel good. However, beauty secrets count too!
 Here are our tips on gorgeous hair, glowing skin and marvelous makeup to give your confidence an extra boost.

1. Nail Polish Chip Remedy
This is a familiar scenario: you get a perfect manicure done, and not even a day later your nail polish chips. The good news is, instead of removing all your nail polish and applying again, you can make use of glittery or textured polish to hide the chips, because they look sort of uneven, so they are great for fix-it situations.

2. Off, Glitter!
We all love glittery, sparkly lacquer, but they are so hard to remove. A trick for taking them off is to use felt instead of a cotton ball. 

3. Walk the Line
If you also happen to have the least steady hands on the earth, try this mistake-proof trick when applying eyeliner. Holding your liquid eyeliner horizontally, use the broader side of the tip instead of the fine point, and press it into your lash line. This way you can line your eyes in three to four quick stamps instead of trying to draw a straight line. 

4. Mega Volume
The classic and effective business card mascara trick gives your lashes major volume and a curl boost. Place a business card or index card behind your lashes before applying mascara, so as to cover your eyelid. Starting at the roots, swipe mascara all the way to the tip. You can let the wand fly to lengthen and curl your lashes, because the mascara will just hit the card! You will be left with full and thick lashes in seconds. 

5. Statement Lipstick
Red lipstick has always been, and still is a huge trend. The right red lipstick will light up your hair, eyes and skin immediately while the wrong one will not give you your best look. When choosing a red lipstick, remember to get one that looks good with your undertone. If you have a warm undertone, go for warmer reds, and if you have a cool undertone, then go for cooler ones.

If you’re afraid of red lipstick, put a little bit on and then blot it off to wear it as more of a stain. Another way to make it less intense? Apply with your fingertip instead of straight from the tube.

6. Start Glowing
How do some women always have that enviable glow on their skin? The secret lies in exfoliation. Instead of going to pricey facials, at-home facials can work just as well.

There a number of ways to do at-home treatments, but look first to sugar, one of nature’s skin-sloughing agents. Apply a sugar scrub in gentle circular motions, followed by a lukewarm wash and pat-dry. This can do wonders for your skin. Follow with a light steam by boiling a pot of water, removing it from the stove and standing over it for a few minutes. 

7. Cleansed Scalp
Build-ups from shampoos and styling products can block hair follicles and lead to possible hair loss. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of any build-ups that may have occurred during the week.

8. Perfect Beachy Waves
If you wish to add volume and curve to your hair, try this simple trick: after washing it, add a dime-size dollop of light mousse (that's key), and put it into one big braid. When you undo the braid midday, you have perfect waves with body and volume.

9. DIY Body Scrub
While faces often get scrub treatment, our bodies are neglected and can take a beating from dry legs, elbows and arms. However, there is an easy, quick remedy. And it might be in your kitchen. Mix coconut oil, kosher salt or sugar, and some minced basil into a paste, and scrub away.

10. Silk Smooth
To get soft, silky body skin, keep a bottle of body oil in the shower. After the shower, rub it over your still-damp arms and legs, then pat dry and you are good to go – with amazingly smooth skin.

Try these tips to step up your game in looking stunning all the time. Do you have any beauty secrets? Share with us in the comments! 

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