Reverse the Clock with Clarins’ Double Serum

Recently, I’ve noticed crow’s feet began to creep up around my eyes and my face is not as firm as before. A little internet search revealed a shocking fact: after the age of 25, we lose 1.5% of collagen every year and the production ceases around age 40-45.

So, don’t wait until 30 to start your anti-aging care.

I’ve tried a few anti-aging products and the Double Serum from Clarins  works really well on fighting signs of aging. 

 Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum combines two powerful anti-aging serums – Hydric and Lipidic – in one optimum golden ratio to defy the signs of aging. Powered by 27 years of science, it is blended with 20 effective plant extracts to deliver visible younger-looking results. The core ingredient Cangzhu stimulates the G Protein in skin cells, which helps to boost the effectiveness of the other ingredients in Double Serum.

The Double Serum features a unique twin-tube bottle, which contains the two different serums in each tube. It releases a wonderful anti-aging elixir freshly as you press the pump. Just one pump is enough for your entire face.

After using this product for a week, I feel my skin has become visibly softer, more radiant and elastic. My cheeks and chin have also appeared more tightened and less saggy. Moreover, it helps my skincare routine with products that follow as I get a faster effect. 

If you’re looking for an anti-aging product, be sure to try this out! Clarins Double Serum will definitely impress you.

 Clarins Double Serum

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