Get rid of facial puffiness in the morning

The lack of sleep, drinking too much water before going to sleep or eating too much overly salty food will affect the body's detox ability during the sleep and thus creating puffiness. Lifting products and massage are your SOS.

If one day you wake up with puffed face, even makeup wouldn't be able to cover up, the best way to improve puffiness in a short time is to use lifting and firming serums, plus 5 minutes of massage for the face. Many make up artists and models recommend Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum (top), together with Clarins' unique facial massage, the puffiness on your face will be improved in 10 seconds. Clinque Repairwear Contour Firming Formula (bottom) is another star product to improve facial firmness.

Other than SOS facial cream and massage, you should eat less overly salty food, and remember to drink a lot of water to wash out the old dirt inside your body.

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