O'slee C-Shape Eye Mask (Video)

Age really leaves traces at the eyes, there's no doubt about it. Wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, eye bags...they are the number one signs of aging. Thus, other than facial masks, eye masks are also very important.

Recently, I have tried out O'slee Clear Spa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask, what I like most about it is the C-Shape, for many eye masks, they only take care of the bottom eye bag area, but the problem is, wrinkles don't just appear underneath, they will also appear on the eye lids! That's why this is a perfect eye mask, it fits so well, and it really replenishes moisture to the skins, and you will see wrinkles becoming more refined after about using 5 pairs.

Have a look at my video using the eye mask:

Just 10-15 mins, you will see the difference.

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