Achieve the Au Naturel look!

We all wish we have perfect, flawless skin (I know I do!) and while achieving it is a slow work in progress (taking in mind your diet and skincare habits), you can attain it instantly – thanks to the magic of makeup!
Here are five easy steps to having the skin of your dreams:
Inner glow
The best way to begin is with a well-cleansed face that is prepped with a thin layer of moisturiser (try Covermark Day Nourish Fixer SPF 20 PA+, US$42). Tackle any dullness on your skin with an illuminator (try Dior Backstage Makeup Radiance Booster Pen, US$38).
Flawless skin
Try using a primer before foundation (try our favourite Laura Mercier Basic Makeup Trial Pack US$18. It contains a Foundation Primer and Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20), which will minimise unevenness in skin texture such as large pores and scars.
To attain the most natural effect, avoid matte foundations and liquid foundations because they tend to look too heavy and cakey. Apply foundation under natural light and only where needed. Be sure to blend thoroughly up till your hairline and jawline.
Next, dab little dots of concealer (try Kokuryudo Point Magic Pro Eye Concealer, US$12) under your eyes to hide those dark rings deftly with your fingertips. Be certain to dab gently and not drag your skin, as the area is extremely delicate and more prone to lines and wrinkles.
Set the foundation with a light dusting of loose powder using a powder brush. Your powder of choice should be translucent, not bronze-toned nor shimmery (try Benefit One Hot Minute, US$37).

Beautiful eyes
Keep your brows soft by using eyebrow powder (try Bare Escentuals Essential Brow Kit, US$35) instead of penciling and rim eyes with dark brown eyeliner (try Missha The Style Fit-in Eye Gel Eyeliner, US$15). Keep to gel and pencil texture as they set a more natural and softer tone, compared to liquid eyeliners.
Sweep a soft pink shadow (try Nars Cream Eyeshadow in Cosmic Girl 2810, US$24) across your lids and in the socket creases and smudge for a diffused effect. Finish with a coat of lengthening mascara (try our bestseller Imju Dejavu Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Extra Long Mascara, US$16) to open your eyes.

Blushing beauty
The most natural blusher (try Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush, US$38) is one that is a couple of tones darker than your natural skin tone but rosy blush also gives an equally flattering flushed look.
Apply the blush to your cheekbones (smile to locate the apples of your cheeks) using light sweeps and blend well.
Sheer lips
Prettify your pout with a peach-toned lip colour. However, apply nude lip gloss directly to your lips can give it a fake, muddy look. The fix: prep your lips with a thin layer of foundation to neutralise the pink tones in your lips before apply a shiny nude gloss for a luscious finish. (Try Nars Lip Gloss, US$26 – they have a long list of various nude shades!)

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