Online Shopping

My first online shopping experience was only a few months ago (I know...very late...). I have always been skeptical about buying things online, or I was just being lazy. But since having my new job doing web stuff, I started to slowly believe in the online shopping world.

I was so excited when I got my first thing delivered right into my hands, the convenience is so irresistable. I just browsed online and with a few clicks, the stuff was in front of me in a week! It's so great! Especially Hong Kong is such a small place (for those who don't know, Hong Kong is just 1,100 square kilometres with population about 7 million), you can easily be squashed on the busy shopping streets.

I have also looked at some cosmetics online shopping site, they are cheaper than buying at the counter or shops, it's such a good thing for girls, make-up, skincare...etc. What I do is that I check the products at the shops or counter and then find them on the online shopping store, this way I can ensure I got the right product and also a cheap price!

I really enjoy hassle-free online shopping!


Anonymous said...

I can't help but agree with your post. I can't believe how convenient it is to shop online but of course we have to be careful because there are a lot there who would like to take advantage of the vulnerability of the Internet

Louise said...

Thank you for your comment! I will surely take your advice and not be gullible!

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