Hairin’ Around For The Festive Season!

- by Caroline Hastings-Brown -

With the festive season and the holidays in full swing, we can often find ourselves in a social whirlwind, office parties, cocktail parties, end-of-year celebrations of all sorts abound. Going to a hair salon every day is not a great option for most of us, both from a time and a money perspective. However, few things boost your confidence and your look than having great hair, all day, every day.
It's actually really easy to do great hairstyles on your own, at home. There are styles for every length you can imagine, and all you need is a little time and skill to turn up with gorgeous hair at every occasion!

One of the absolute classics is a simple French Roll updo. This style suits hair lengths that are anything from chin length to medium length hair. It’s timeless, stylish, and elegant and also suits most necklines. The quickest way to shout ‘chic’ with your hairdo! All you need is some bobby pins and a light hairspray to hold.

  • To start, sweep your hair to one side. It is easiest to sweep to the left if you are right handed and to the right of you are left handed. Slip in some booby pins vertically, from the nape of your neck to close to your crown. Finish off by inserting the last bobby pin downwards.
  • Gather the hair in one hand and twist tightly, pulling upwards.
  • Insert bobby pins horizontally into the base of the twist, intersecting with the vertical pins to hold the style, and continue upward.
  • For a sleek look, tuck the ends in and secure with bobby pins. For a messier, more casual, undone look, let the ends fall freely. Spray hair lightly to hold the style.

For a great hairspray that has good hold, use Amika Touchable Hairspray. The residue-free formula provides superior humidity resistance (yay, no more frizz) and Sea Buckthorn Berry extract enhances shine for an ultra-glossy finish.

The lace-braided updo is a romantic, whimsical look that is great for anything from shoulder length to very long hair.

  • Part your hair in two down the back. Start on one side with three strands and start plaiting. The difference is that you add hair to the lower strand only as you go. When there is no more hair to add, finish with a traditional three-strand braid and secure the braid with a small elastic.
  • Repeat on the other side, creating another lace braid that hugs the side of your head and ends in a three-strand braid.
  • Cross the braids at the nape of the neck.
  • Hide the ends under the lace braids and secure with bobby pins. If your hair is really long, fold it in two before you bobby pin it under the lace braid.

Hollywood waves and voluminous curls are always a glamourous look, but styling with heat all the time to get the look right can leave you hair damaged and dull. Luckily, there is a better way to get that bouncing volume, and it doesn’t use heat, or even electricity! It is good old-fashioned ‘Rag Roll’ curls.

  • The best way to start out is to throw in some mousse while your hair is still damp and then blow or air dry until more or less dry.
  • Next, you should have some cloth strips on hand, each about four or five inches long. I find around 12 gives my whole head some major curls.
  • You grab your first section of hair, place the piece of cloth at the bottom of your strands and start rolling up as best you can. Initially, it’s a bit difficult to get the ends of your hair to curl into the roll, but just keep trying, tuck them in and roll to the top.
  • Next, you want to tie the strip rather tightly (no double knots or anything though). You want them to stay while you asleep, but you don’t want it to be a big mission to get them out either.
  • This is the tough part – climb into bed and snooze peacefully throughout the night.
  • Undo the rags and your hair will tumble down in curls.
  • For major volume, just comb your fingers through so loosen curls. For a sleek, classic look, brush though the curls. A spray or two of your hairspray and you are done!

Mix it up and enjoy these awesome, easy, glamourous party looks!

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