5 Must-Have Lip Colors For This Festive Season

---By Kylie Tang---

We have thousands of reasons to put colors on lips. Some girls are shy to colors while some are bold to show off their pretty, painted lips – yes, I say “paint”! Once you have applied a lipstick (the painting brush~), you instantly enjoy a complemented complexion which catches much attention from those around you. Now you have a choice: a color tone for this festive season!

You’ll Never Get Wrong With Classic Red

Not many ladies like carrying bright red colors. Yet, I highly support them for Christmas. Just look at those Christmas accessories – we can have complemented lips this season. Why not choose a classic red on lips that tends to your Santa hat? Be bold to show off a pop of healthy, glammed-up colors. Some says bright colors work the best on light skin yet I just found red is applicable on most complexions.

Believe me, you won’t get wrong with bright red!

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich Lipcolor (#401 Hot) has the true red hue you need. It offers an intense and vibrant red colors, it satisfies your reddish desire.

The Universal Girly Color - Pure Pink

Pink is a shade that most ladies like. For me, I can’t take my eyes off pink-painted lips – they are just delightful. It’s the color that suits all complexions! You’ll be more girlish, younger-looking and vibrant after applying a perfect pink shade. Tell your the world that “I like being a girl”.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick (#49 Rose Saint Germain) creates a pop of pink, and it contains 6 emollient oils for a beautifully glowing PINK!

I Just Love My Complexion

Pick a nude lipstick for the Christmas, if you love the introverted and dignified pigment. Nude lipsticks perform well on most sorts of makeup, even though you’ve got “full gear” – eye shadow, a complete foundation routine, mascara, blush (all together). Nude colors are also suitable for makeup-free girls! Enjoy an illuminated complexion and choose the right nude hue for your skin tone.

Nude lip colors can be carried by all kinds of complexions.

M.A.C. Cremesheen Lipstick (Crème D'Nude) creates a lovely color of ice-cream on your lips. It is infused with pearlized pigments and is ideal for Asian complexions.

Doesn’t Matter If You Are Shy To Colors

I understand that. I just need a lipstick that creates a natural flush of pink color. If you find healthy-look outweighs a makeup and color-oriented appearance, try Christian Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm.

It is a made-to-measure lip balm that enhances the lip’s natural colors. Ideal for girls who hope to keep a lower profile on lip colors. The lovely perfume-shaped lip balm deserves much attention.

Nobody knows I have put on lip colors yet Christian Dior helps create a healthy look.”

The Bravery To Dark Colors

It doesn’t require much bravery in fact. Heavy makeup is not compulsory. Pick some pure and fresh purples and work on clear, concise makeup for a noble finish. Embrace the Korean beauty trend. 

An Everlasting Gift

So have you chosen your own colors? I’ve decided to purchase at least one before Christmas. Let your lips smile with alternative colors!

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