2017 Anti-Aging Project

-By Kylie Tang-

The festive season is over and we are coming to the end of the year. I have had many wonderful and challenging moments in 2016! I love to conduct a review over my past 12 months - did I do enough on work, on family and…on my good look? I’ve concluded 7 tips below to keep you pretty, lovely and attractive at any age.

Change Your Skincare Every Season 

Avoid using the same facial products for the whole year. In damp weather we need a lightweight cream that is easy to absorb, while in dry weather we need a richer, more moisturizing cream that helps repair our dehydrated skin. Wrinkles become accentuated when skin is dry. I suggest adding supplements to your skincare in critical moments like during extreme dry weather. I guess you’ve heard of this:

Add this high-quality oil to your cream to enhance its moisturizing capacity. It contains 80% essential fatty acids to nourish, soften and smooth face and body. And it is Kate Middleton's beauty secret~

Hydrating VS Moisturizing

Apply hydrating products first and a moisturizer second. I will say moisturizers (made of emollient ingredients) perform the function to prevent water loss but before that, you must have your skin thoroughly hydrated. For instance, to tackle dry hands, you better damp hands with water and follow with a rich hand cream. Perform the same on face, legs, heels, etc.
Hydrating + Moisturizing = An ideal effect

Care Neck Skin

The look of neck exposes our age. When you find your neck skin turn wrinkled and darkened one day, it will be too late. Girls, it is not just your face, but your neck requires attention too. I’ve got 2 methods. 1. Pick a neck cream if you found the situation becomes critical. 2. From now on, apply your skincare routine to the neck as well.

Cosme Decorte helps support firmness, elasticity and moisture of neck skin. You will not feel the age.

I also suggest putting organic, pure aloe to neck every day. The nature’s finest skin hydrator gradually slows aging.

Bonus Tips

1.   Sugar Destroys Skin

Be cautious of taking too much sugar! Sugar can cause glycation and reduce strength and flexibility of skin, leaving it saggy and wrinkled. Dermatologists also agree eating sugar can contribute to acne! Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables will be much better to skin.

2.   Massage – The Free Surgery

The secret to getting a firmer face can be in your hands. You can easily access massage guides online and apply facial massage at home. Massage helps by stimulating the muscles of face, leaving cheeks lifted and contoured. A massage tool may also help assist your massage routine.

3.   Proper Removal of Impurities

Journalist Anna Pursglove has undergone an experiment to sleep with makeup on for a month and experts found her skin had aged by a decade! It’s important to use a good makeup remover and help skin breathe at night.

4.   More Vitamin C Please!

Vitamins C is more than an immunity booster. It is proven to help reverse and prevent signs of aging to keep skin firm and youthful. Enjoy the power of this antioxidant by directly applying to skin.

Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15 is formulated with a high concentration of 15% Vitamin C Ester to improve the appearance of skin aging.

I’ve concluded what to be done in the coming year above. Girls, you have 2 more days to go before 2017. Jot down something for your “ageless projects”! 

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