Double 12 Shopping Discounts – Jump Aboard!

- by Caroline Hastings-Brown -

Discounts cannot come at a better time! It’s the festive season, it’s holiday time and there are so many wonderful things to have, get, share and buy out there! And as if we needed an excuse to shop, there are all sorts of new international online shopping days of massive discounts being created. Hoorah!

The 12/12 online shopping craze is just one of these, and guess what, it’s nearly here! At COSME-DE.COM, we are never shy to give out discounts and amazing specials to our beautiful, loyal online shoppers, so we could not possibly disappoint. 

Huge Discounts On Your Favourite Brands And Products

Welcome to even more discounts off already well-priced products, including all the latest, greatest and most sought-after skincare and makeup brands and products. Add impeccable quality, individually wrapped products and complete authenticity, as well as free shipping for orders of US$40 and over, and it’s a beauty bonanza that cannot be missed.

And, in the Double 12 Promotion, the more you spend, the greater your discount, so stock up on your favourite beauty products, buy your loved ones that well-deserved treat and make sure there is no excuse not to be absolutely beautiful! So, jump online and let your fingers do the shopping for amazing discounts from 12 – 15 Dec 2016.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Spend
USD200 / AUD240 / USD220 (CN) / HKD1,400 / GBP180 or more and get a fabulous 18% off your order!

Go a little bit more and spend USD320 / AUD400 / USD340 (CN) / HKD2,300 / GBP280 or more and cash in on a 23% discount on your order!

We know it isn’t hard, so spend USD460 / AUD600 / USD480 (CN) / HKD3,400 / GBP400 or more and get a whopping 29% off your whole caboodle of goodness!

Now that takes some of the festive season pressure off! With over 500 brands, and thousands of products to choose from, including Skincare, Makeup, Fragrances, Personal Care, Men’s products, Gifts and Kits, Natural and Organic Products, Haircare and products for Mother & Baby, you will find plenty to love, and get huge discounts on, at COSME-DE.COM.

See you online, beautiful!

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