Ways to Keep Your Hair Damage-Free, Tangle-Free (Protect from the Heat and the Sun)

If there’s one thing that makes a girl feel great, it’s having a good hair day! Our hair is just so “on display” all the time and a large part of our overall style is wrapped up in our hairstyle. Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, dark or blond, groomed or wild, it needs a bit of love and care to look fantastic all the time.

Always protect

Our hair can be the brunt of a few too many stresses that can leave it dried out, split, frizzy and dull. The sun, swimming pool chlorine, heat styling, dying and over-washing can strip it of the natural oils needed to keep it healthy, shiny and soft. It’s time to give your hair the love and attention it deserves!
Let’s start with the basics! Just as we all know to protect our skin from the sun, we need to protect our hair too! UV rays break down the cuticle of the hair shaft and leave hair dry and frizzy. Luckily for us, our hair actually protects our scalp from the harsh sun, but we need to give it a little protection here too if we want a shiny mane of healthy hair! When you are going to be outdoors for long periods, a stylish and highly effective method of protection is simply a hat! No mess, no fuss, no damage! If you swim in a chlorinated pool, wear a swimming cap to protect your hair from the chemicals that will dry it out and possibly affect the colour too!

Another way to protect your silken strands is to use a sun protective spray – you can use a spray that you use on your skin, and make sure you pay particular attention to the skin of your parting, which could get very burned if not protected. You can also use a leave-in conditioner for days that you will be outdoors. Try Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream for a moisturising boost for dry, difficult-to-manage hair. The moisture transforms unruly locks into a well-behaved, shiny tumble of softness. What’s more, it has a built-in UV protection that keeps your hair healthy as well as protects any colour from fading.  

Give your hair some love and care

Paying attention to your daily hair routine is also worth doing to keep your hair looking great. If possible, try not to wash your hair every day, as this strips the hair of natural oils. Using gentle, natural products will also keep your hair and scalp healthy, instead of harsh chemicals. I love the shampoo and conditioner from Le Couvent des Minimes Hair Care from the Root. The “Gentle Beneficial Shampoo” is suitable for all hair types and makes use of plant care with stimulating rosemary, sage and nettle and fortifying mint. The hair and scalp are gently cleaned and nourished without any silicone, and the result is soft, light, shiny hair. The “Root Beneficial Conditioner” includes olive oil to infuse moisture into the hair and impart that scintillating shine!

All the wonderful products in the world won’t be of use if you “abuse” your hair afterward with vigorous towelling! If you towel dry your hair, just pat and rub it very gently to absorb moisture. By rubbing your hair, you roughen the hair shaft, making the hair appear frizzy and dull, so very gently does it! Once a week (or even more if your hair is excessively dry or you use heat styling often) give your hair a treatment mask to really give it some deep moisturisation and help restore any damage. For a decadent hair treat, you can’t go wrong with the Molton Brown Mer-Rouge Deep Conditioning Mask. Seaweed and amino acids add strength and shine to the hair, while vegetable proteins enrich and smooth each strand for soft, tangle-free and lustrous locks.

Style Queen

And of course, we have the styling. There is no denying that blow drying, flat irons and curling wands can damage the hair, but they make us look so good! So, where there is a will, there is a way! Use your styling tools, but protect your hair first so that you can have your cake and eat it too! Give your damp hair a good mist of Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Sleek Blow Out Styling Mist, and make sure it is evenly distributed throughout your hair, and then go for the blow and style away until you are happy with your perfection! The Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil give moisture, a silky bounce and zero frizz!

It is worth thinking about what kinds of styles are most similar to your natural hair state, and work with that as closely as possible to avoid excessive styling and treatments. For example, if your hair is black and straight, a mass of blonde curls will be hard to achieve and maintain and your hair will go through quite some trauma to achieve the look!

So, no matter what you were born with, make sure you treat your locks with care and love, for everyday good hair days!

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