Bronze Summer Skin, Please Stay A Little Longer…….

While summer rudely leaves us at some point in the year, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock your sun- kissed glow pretty much all year round if you want to! A few skin care tips and a couple of helpful products and you can look like you just stepped off the vacation-plane; every day!

Glow Girl
So, let’s address the glow part! It’s that enticing sheen that a healthy skin imparts. To achieve this, do not be shy of exfoliation. This gets rids of dead skin cells and build-up, ensuring the fresh, new skin cells are out on top giving off their glow. While some people feel that exfoliating will “take away” the tan, it actually helps prolong it and also keeps the skin prepared for the other great tan-booster – moisture and hydration. For skin that is super polished, try La Prairie Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator. This decadent treat ensures complete exfoliation of dead skin to clarify the complexion, while providing a moisture boost. 

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
You should use every opportunity to moisturise your skin in summer, as a hydrated skin looks beautiful and feels healthy. With the additional swimming, sweating and showering you will be doing in summer, we also tend to strip the skin of moisture more, and therefore should pay some extra attention to replacing this moisture as often as possible! If you really need an excellent moisture boost, it is worth splashing out on the exceptional Dermalogica Super Rich Repair cream. This miracle in a tub delivers immediate hydration benefits, making use of peptides to stimulate collagen production, a smoothing complex for elasticity and tone and shea butter and oil of evening primrose to soften and replenish. Add some antioxidants to help shield against environmental elements and you have yourself a new, super-moisturised skin in an instant!

Top up tan
You can also help your tan stay a little longer by topping it up with a gradual tan moisturising product or some tan towelettes, allowing you to target areas and add that subtle extra glow. Use a product like St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Lotion. A nourishing moisturiser that has a touch of bronze that builds up gradually over time (use it every day), to prolong and create that gorgeous, golden glow. 

Shimmy into shimmer
Nothing enhances a tan like a bit of shimmer, and you can sprinkle some golden fairy dust on your face to keep that glow alive. Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder can be brushed over the cheekbones and forehead to highlight and add warmth to your face. Use Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Brush to highlight and contour the face with precision. This luxurious brush is made with synthetic hair to achieve a radiant glow without creating streaks or unnatural lines. The handle is specially designed for true comfort and balance.

Don’t let the weather dictate your look, keep your inner and outer glow alive for as long as you choose!

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