Light, Bright, Porcelain Perfect Skin is Yours

We all have a different look, thank goodness, or the world would be a really boring place! I was posting recently about achieving and maintaining a gorgeous, golden summer tan, which is really beautiful. But on the flip side, there is another look that is equally as beautiful, and that is the radiant, even tone of porcelain perfect skin.

Smooth and Even-Toned

Gentle lightening and brightening of the skin can bring out a youthful radiance, a perfectly even skin tone and even help diminish uneven pigmentation and scars. Now who would say no to that? No one I know! A word of caution though when it comes to lightening, is to make sure you use products that list their ingredients. There have been lightening creams on the market before that contain hydroquinone, which can lighten your skin, yes, but possibly burn a hole in it too, so be careful! There is no need to do anything damaging with so many wonderful products out there, with safe and natural, listed ingredients and at all price ranges!
Some of the best natural brightening ingredients include liquorice root, arbutin, songi mushroom, lemon peel and resveratrol (grape seed extract) – you can look out for these ingredients and others when choosing your brightening products.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

If you want to jumpstart a “brightening skin” campaign, you could treat yourself to a salon microdermabrasion or professional peel. This gently removes the top layer of skin to give you a refreshed, radiant start to healthy skin functioning and boosted collagen turnover. Then, you need to habitually follow up with excellent lightening and brightening products.

As always with our skin, we start with cleansing! I suggest you give the wonderful Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser a try. The name is long and the effects long-lasting! It is a fine mousse textured cleanser, rich in clarifying plant extracts that promote a luminous transparency to the skin. This is a great product if you have any pigmentation, as it includes Spergularia and Alchemila extracts to even the tone and stop further pigmentation.

Another wonder-brightening product comes from SK-ll, the Whitening Source Clear Lotion, packed out with nourishing hydrators and texturisers. Micro fine visual modifiers bring an instantly uniform tone to your skin and a soft, glowing effect. After your cleanser, you dispense a little into a cotton pad and pat gently over the skin, pressing in with your fingertips to get all that goodness in it.

For the final brightening, whitening, even-toned skin whammy, follow up with a radiance wonder-product – CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Radiance Serum – the no. 1 anti-dark spot product in your arsenal. This milky, moisturising serum creates a radiance in the skin that looks lit from within. It’s suitable for all skin types and contains free radical blasters that are 62 times more effective than vitamin C.

So, with a little care and attention, and some perfect brightening skin products, you too can be mistaken for a porcelain doll!

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