Hair’s the Deal! 2016 Best Summer Hairstyles & Hair Colors

When summer hits you need a hairstyle that can take the heat, look absolutely gorgeous all the time, and not be too fussy so you spend your time at home styling your hair instead of at the beach or the pool party having a great time!

Color me in!

Luckily the summer trends are perfect for hair that looks natural and does not require a rigid routine to look right! So, let’s start with colour! With beautiful shades and techniques available, there is no excuse not to have the hair you love the most. Summer shades include warmer tones – shades with words like “cinnamon” and “buttery” are everywhere. “Nude hair” is a new trend that sounds a bit racy but is actually a very flattering combination of an even amount of warm and cool tones in the hair. If blonde is your thing, freshen it up with “snow lights” – a sprinkle of shimmery, pale strands scattered across the top of the head. Or try the stunning “rose gold” shade – a beautiful pink-tinted blonde that gives skin a lovely luminescence. You can also stoke the flames with a bold “cuivre” red – an intense, reflective copper colour that will make sure you are head and shoulders above the crowd! Or, go bold or go home – how about denim blue for your colour – instead of the neons and pastels we have seen recently, this is more of a subtle, dusty blue – absolutely stunning!

Preserve that color

So, with all the colour trends going down, you need to make sure your hair is in tip-top shape to take the colour.

And once you have decided on your summer look and parted with your well-earned cash at the hairdressers, you need to preserve that colour! Treat yourself to L’Occitane
Aromachologie Radiance And Color Care Conditioner. You only need a small amount to gently detangle hair. The best bit is that the 5 essential oils preserve the brilliance in just-coloured hair. It smells absolutely amazing (don’t be too surprised if people come sniffing around your head) and leaves your hair super silky without being weighed down.

Style me Summer

So, the colour is a riot of prettiness, what about your style choices? Well a great summer style is the bob – as seen on Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Lily Collins. It’s cool for summer, and a strong shape means your hair just falls into place. Another great summer style is long layers, which are versatile and not “perfect looking” which means you can get away with minimal styling. What you do need though, is the ultimate in anti-frizz to combat the humidity – I swear by Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care Frizz Be Gone Anti-Frizz Hair Serum. It seals the hair, controlling frizz, adding shine and protecting against humidity and heat styling. It also smoothes and detangles and prevents breakage – I won’t let frizz get me down! 

A perfect summer look is tousled “beach hair” – those gorgeous dishevelled waves you get after swimming in the sea. “But I don’t live by the sea” I hear you cry? Or you simply don’t like swimming. No matter – get the look in a flash with John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender. The sea salt adds that lovely texture and volume, while lavender stops the hair from drying out. This is also a fabulous look when you don’t have time to wash and condition – it absorbs oil so you get to get out there and have fun for longer, before telling people you can’t make it you are “washing your hair”!

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