Natural Secrets to Beautiful Eyes

If it is true that eyes are the windows to the soul, then there can be little doubt that the natural beauty of a pair of sparkling eyes can be a real asset. But you don't need expensive facial treatments. All you need to do is allow nature to let your true beauty shine through. These simple steps and homemade remedies will be all you need.

1. Start from within

Improve your general eye health. Include more fish and green vegetables in your diet, and cut down on white flour and sugar. Researchers at Tufts University in Boston found that so-called “bad carbs” like refined sugar and flour can raise the risk of poor eye health in later years. On the other hand, fish oils and antioxidants can keep them sparkling.

2. Deal with those dark circles

If they are caused by late nights and too much coffee, you need to change your habits, for the sake of your eyes. Get some more sleep (they don't call it “beauty sleep” for nothing!) and switch to herbal teas. Bilberry was used by British and US pilots in WWII to improve night vision and has long been recognized as beneficial for eyes. Chamomile tea will help you sleep, and the cooled tea bags can be used as relaxing eye compresses.

3. Open up the eye area

Use light and luminous eye makeup that will make the whole eye area become lighter and brighter to show off your eye color. Keep your brows groomed and healthy, whether you prefer them thick or thin. Your eyes should be magnetic and draw attention.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow
Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow

4. Homemade remedies

After a night out, or long session at the computer, cooled chamomile tea bags or slices of cucumber laid over your eyes will help reduce puffiness. If you are worried about lines and wrinkles, egg white will tighten the skin around the eyes.

5. Incorporate simple eye exercises into your beauty routine

You can do these at any time, although you may want to refrain from doing eye exercises on the train as they look a bit odd. The exercises strengthen the eyes and help with the burning and itching of “computer eyes”. 

Just look up, and then down, right and then left and roll your eyes. You need to do each movement around ten times, looking as far as you can in one direction.

6. Protect your eyes in strong sunlight

Sunglasses are not just from hiding from the paparazzi. Get the best sunglasses you can afford and make sure they wrap around the sides of your eyes. UV rays will damage your unprotected eyes and give you lines that have nothing to do with smiling. Protect your skin and eyes from the sun and you will not need expensive creams or surgery in the future.

The last tip is attributed to Audrey Hepburn, whose eyes were legendary: "for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others." Attitude that counts for a lot smile lines are better than frown lines, eyes that shine with hope and compassion will always be beautiful.

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