How to Look Gorgeous in Brown Lipstick

At first glance, brown lipstick doesn't seem too wearable, most especially if you're used to the tried and tested pinks and reds. Reminiscent of the '90s, a brown lipstick shade can always be worn expertly to channel a look that's both provocative and understated. Here's how.  

Flake-Free Puckers  

Dark lipstick has a way of accentuating dry, flaky lips. So, make sure you exfoliate your lips first before you apply a brown lipstick. You can make your own exfoliator at home to prep your lips for your favorite dark lipstick shades. Simply mix petroleum jelly and brown sugar. Then rub the mixture gently on your lips to remove dead and loose skin.   

Lip Liner  

Lip liner is a must-have tool for flawless application of any dark lipsticks. Define your lips using a sharp pencil liner whose shade matches your brown lipstick. To make your lips appear fuller, carefully line above your cupid's bow.  

Flat Lip Brush  

Don't just swipe the lipstick after outlining with the lip liner. Use a flat lip brush, which enables you to evenly and seamlessly fill in your lips with color. The flat lip brush is also handy for cleaning and touching up your lip line with a concealer, ensuring a beautifully defined pout.   


To play down a rich chocolate lipstick shade, blot it gently with a tissue so it shows up as a subtle stain. To add dimension and texture to brown lipstick, wear it with gold or copper lip gloss.  

Don't Overdo  

Dark brown lipstick can look garish when paired with blush, so you might want to skip putting on cheek color. 

As for the eyes, a few coats of mascara would do. 

All in all, the key to a flattering look featuring brown lipstick is to let the dark lip shade be the focal point. This means using subtle makeup on the rest of the face.

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