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- by Caroline Hastings-Brown -

The beauty industry can be a little contradictory. There is a huge and ongoing, positive trend toward finding your individuality, creating your own style and being true to yourself. At the same time, you will find many advertisements and products helping you to hide your ‘flaws’ or achieve the latest standard of beauty, whether that standard really suits you, or not!

Celebrities and Fashion Superstars

New-York based Japanese makeup artist Ayako has worked with Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Meisel, Scarlet Johansson, Ann Hathaway, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez. All strong characters, all highly successful in their own, individual way. So, why do you think they all loved Ayako’s work?

Creating confident beauty

It was the philosophy of individuality that did it! Ayako focused on the full beauty of a personality, and using texture and colour, created looks that imbued an acceptance of the self in the wearer. By neither hiding or enhancing flaws, Ayako only focused on the individual’s real and unique beauty with her makeup looks. And the amazing result of self-acceptance? The ultimate and most individual of beauty enhancements – confidence!

Ayako’s ADDICTION brand

Ayako went on to create her own, original beauty brand in 2009, called ADDICTION. The products feature a never-before-seen variation in colour and texture that Ayako developed, based on her experiences all over the world. This refreshing brand has made high quality products that can produce a dramatic look with a single stroke. By focusing on and enhancing a woman’s overall and unique beauty, a real sense of personal style is achieved.

At COSME-DE.COM we are focused on making sure that we have everything you want, need and would like to try. Which is why we are super proud to be stockists of Ayako’s revolutionary brand, Addiction. Check out some of our favourite products, and browse for many others on our website.

Ultimate Ayako product picks

One of my personal favourites is the ADDICTION Cheek Stick, a lipstick-style cheek product that can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips for an exceptionally natural colour and lustre that blends easily and maintains a long-lasting, fresh finish. By working into the skin with fingers you can easily achieve a flawless, natural contouring.

A signature ADDICTION product is the amazing range of colour, texture and finish in the eyeshadow collections. What makes these super eyeshadows so unique are the delicate gradations and original and unique colours, all 99 of them! The fragrance-free formula can be applied with a sponge tip applicator or brush all around the eyes to create dramatic and individual looks.

There is no denying that I am a major fan of multi-purpose products, so it should be no surprise that I absolutely love the ADDICTION Tinted Skin protector SPF 50+ / PA+++. Combining the functions of sunscreen, primer and foundation, this go-to product provides natural coverage of pores, and evens tone and colour in one simple application. Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract and Rose Hip Oil moisturise the skin naturally and the fragrance-free formulation ensures no irritation. 

So, go ahead and break the mould in 2017. No more complying and trying – be free, be you and give the world the gift of showing your individual style and beauty!

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