Shape Eyebrows To Perfection

-By Kylie Tang

Let’s have everything refreshed and re-planned to welcome the brand new 2017. Look in the mirror and call today the best day. What reflects your good look on that day? The key is your eyebrows.

Look Rested Every day

Not all girls have ideal eyebrows which they can flaunt proudly. Well-groomed and well-defined shapes let you look rested and even change your overall look. No matter what age you are, always prepare a tweezer and eyebrow pencils at home to prepare your daily subtle, modern and glowing look.

Avoid Tragic Eyebrows

Some girls love exaggerated eyebrows but their effects vary on different people.. Wrong colors, wrong shapes and over-filled brows would let people think that you look unnatural. On the other hand, unkempt eyebrows cannot create a good impression on others.

Perfect Your Makeup Finish

Eyebrow shapes enhance your beauty and makeup effects. When shaped properly, they bring out your eyes and highlight your best features.

Let’s find out the perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape.

Oval: The Ideal Face Shape

I will say you are lucky with such face shape as it is considered as the ideal shape! Flat eyebrows with a little arch will work best for you. Also, avoid dramatic and exaggerated eyebrows that ruin your nice face shape. 

Jessica Alba looks good with flat eyebrows.

Round Shaped Faces Need Arches

For round-faced girls, their face shape lack angles and they hope to make face look longer. All you need to do is to avoid round eyebrows as they make your jaws even rounder. Both high arched and soft arched eyebrows help create a slender face shape and a modern, intellectual look.

Kate Winslet 

Arches Also Suit Square-Shaped Faces 

Prominent jaw and chin and high forehead are the main features of people who have a square face shape. You will look great by balancing your jaw line. As arches slim down the face, you may create soft or high arches with defined and sharp peaks. And you may adjust the thickness according to your preference. 

Flat eyebrows do not fit Diane Kruger so she always picks angled brows.

Heart-Shaped Face, A Lovely Shape

Miranda Kerr has a cute, heart-shaped face.

To me, it’s a lovely face. Heart-shaped faces are wider at the brow and cheekbones but narrower at the chin. You may keep slightly thick eyebrows to diminish the look of your forehead. Round brow shape also softens your pointed chin. If you really love peaks, create a controlled arch could give you a feminine look.

Recommended Products

I like using brow pencil first and cake powder next. To me, those with good colors and multi-functional will be the ideal one. I recommend Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil as it helps define, shape and thicken eyebrows with colors I like. And I definitely need its spoolie brush to comb my eyebrows.

Clinique Instant Lift For Brows is a two-in-one automatic brow pencil. The pearlized highlighter creates a contrast and definition on eyes.  

I like applying gel-cream on eyebrows. LANCÔME Sourcils Gel Waterproof Eyebrow Gel-Cream helps structure and fill in the look of brows. The gel formula allows easy application and a smooth, gliding texture. It’s great for building up a natural or more defined brow shape.

I saw many girls having perfect face makeup while neglecting their eyebrows. From now on, care your eyebrow shape. Don’t follow any brow trends but choose one that is suitable for and flatters your face shape. Perfect brows make you look fresher, healthier and younger.

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