Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

No one puts baby in a corner!

We all experience dry skin at some stage, and it can be a real downer when you are ready to hit the town and want to shine like the diva star that you are! But don’t despair, we have ways and means to sort this out – no one puts baby in a corner!

Whether your skin is naturally a bit dry, or winter has taken its toll on your lovely face, you can use some makeup tips to disguise the dryness, while treating it at the same time!

Make like Da Vinci – let’s create!

Start by using a creamy-textured foundation and concealer, and apply gently with a soft brush. The important thing here is not to use any long-wear or powdery makeup, as this will only enhance your skin’s dry patches. Remember, makeup is all about playing up your best features, and minimising any flaws.

My recommendation for when my skin is dry in the winter months is the exquisite Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum BB Hydra+ SPF 25 PA ++

This amazing product improves skin circulation, restores a youthful appearance and provides skin with powerful age-defying hydration. It’s light and silky, yet it somehow lasts and lasts on your skin. The only thing it doesn’t do, is make you a cup of tea! 
For cheek and eye colour, we follow the same theme – use a creamy cheek colour and eye shadow to compliment your satiny-textured foundation. Always use soft brushes on dry skin, as they irritate less and don’t pull on the skin.

Now, turning to the gorgeous windows of your soul (your eyes). Use a liquid eye liner, and not a pencil or powder liner, as these flake and make lines on dry skin. SK-II Color Clear Beauty Liquid Eye Liner is one of my most treasured possessions! It comes at a good price, glides on smoothly with a fine line and actually moisturises the delicate skin around the eyes. And it is long-lasting and never smears, even after a good night out!

Flaky lips can’t hold any lipstick or gloss, so a handy tip is to dampen an old toothbrush and give your luscious lips a gentle brushing – this gets rid of any small flakes and softens the lips, ready for your signature shade of gorgeous. Don’t go for a matte lipstick or long-wearing formula, as these will dry the lips more. Instead, something moisturising and creamy will do the trick – are you starting to see a pattern here? Good!

So, you have gently painted your canvas with soft brushes in exquisite colours that bring out the amazing beauty in your face. But, you really like using powder, and your skin is dry, and I have told you powder is a no-no! Ok, don’t go all rebellious on me now! If you have to use a powder, choose one that is sheer, translucent and hydrating. Apply with a loose, fat cosmetic brush and don’t overdo it, ok? A good bet is LANCÔME Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator - Bare Skin Perfection 
Translucent Loose Powder.

This gentle mineral based powder spreads evenly on skin, with an airy sensation, and the transparent finish compliments all skin tones.

And you are ready to unleash your masterpiece to the world!

There you go you ravishing beauty! Enjoy yourself and be good, or kind of good. Have loads of fun now. 

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