5 Makeup Essentials for Spring

Most of us welcome the end of Winter and the sweet buds and blossoms of Spring. Time to ditch those warm Winter woollies one by one and bring out the lighter, brighter Spring pieces. So, when Spring has sprung, how do you get the warm and breezy, light and easy look with your makeup? Well, you want to keep your look natural and free up your time to have fun and enjoy yourself, so I picked out 5 products that will give a beautiful fresh Spring look in no time at all.

Bronze up

You may not have had a chance to go out and get a light tan yet, but there is no reason not to LOOK as if you have. A good bronzer gives your skin a radiant, healthy glow. I found a product that is a bronzer, BB cream and high SPF cream, all in one! It is LANCÔME Soleil Bronzer Sun BB Cream with SPF 50. This baby delivers a light foundation, a sun cream and a gentle bronzer. It’s the perfect tool for your Spring makeup bag, and no need for three separate products. 

Not to mention the high SPF gives you extra sun protection, and we all know that the sun is skin enemy No.1!

Get Lippy

Next – the lips. It’s always a great idea to have a lip colour that is close to your natural colour – but just adds a little depth. Finding that colour means you can wear it anytime, on any occasion and it will always look fantastic. Take some time to identify your natural colour and find a lipstick close to it. When testing, try to do it without makeup on, so that you can see how well the lip colour works with your natural skin tone. It will always be a staple in the makeup bag of tricks! My special one is SK-II Colour Clear Beauty Moisture Sheer Lipstick in Mirage. This gives me a natural, polished, Spring look because it is perfect for my skin tone. 

Make out with mascara

And of course no makeup kit is complete without the magic of a mascara. My latest gem is Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara. The precision brush packs a punch to create lashes that are strong, long and curly. It’s also allergy-tested and fragrance-free so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. 

Hydration Station

Your skin can sometimes take a bit of strain in Winter, so to transition into Spring, I have been using Jane Iredale Balance Hydration Spray. It’s an antioxidant-rich face spray that moisturises and controls shine all in one. I absolutely love the fresh, clean scent and my skin feels comfortable and cared for while using it. A quick spritz hydrates the skin and sets your makeup. 

Hairy Story

It’s not just your skin that can be left a little dry after Winter, it can be your hair too! Too calm frizz and give my fine hair a shiny look, I love Moroccanoil Light. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue and can be used to condition, style and finish the hair. It is applicable on wet or dry hair. 

So, five products later and you are ready to get that Spring in your step, knowing that you look just beautiful! Easy!

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