Five Ways to Prevent Aging

Hey kid, we all know how young you look. It’s awesome. And you want to stay that way, don’t you? Well, sometimes time can actually show up in ways we don’t really want. How do you keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free? There are a few tips and tricks that can help us all out and make sure we stay younger, for longer!

Wear sunscreen
It’s the No. 1 factor that we need to consider when preventing aging. Wear sunscreen, all the time, every day, in every way! Make sure it’s a high factor sunscreen, and that you reapply it when you have been swimming or sweating as it will have rubbed off. For a really cool high SPF 50 sunscreen that is an anti-aging BB cream as well, try Shiseido Anessa Face Sunscreen

The BB cream gives a long-lasting coverage, even whilst swimming and sweating, and has a yellow undertone, which contributes to the anti-aging effect. The cream has a blend of ‘super hyaluronic acid’ and ‘double collagen GL’ that combine to really protect and moisturise the skin and the light-diffusing pigments smooth and even out skin tone. All great stuff!

Get the moisture into the skin!
There is no getting away from the fact that a great moisturiser, used regularly, is a girl’s best anti-aging friend! You can scrimp and save on some products, in fact, you can often question whether you need them or not, but not the moisturiser! An absolute find is the amazing, new Afriel and Lofiel Perfect Cream

It’s perfect because it addresses all the skin issues I need addressed, in one tub of miraculousness. And while it is named after the angels of youth and beauty, Afriel and Lofiel, and I cannot honestly compare myself to angels, I enjoy the idea of looking like one! My skin looks so bright and moisturised, but also smooth and non-oily. This is definitely ‘the one’ for me.

Eat your fruit and veggies
Our clever Mama’s all had a good point when they tried to get us to eat our vegetables every day! Basing your diet on colourful vegetables has many health benefits, including healthy, young-looking skin. Your skin is actually an organ, and the way it looks is an indication of your overall health. Eating as many fruits and vegetables as you can will give you the nutrients, antioxidants and minerals you need to keep your baby face for a long time to come!

Get that H2O to go….
We often don’t actually get enough water in a day…….or we drink water only when we are very thirsty. Make a conscious effort to increase your water intake and you will notice your skin looks clearer, fresher and brighter within a week. Start your day with a giant glass of iced water, keep a bottle with you at all times and keep sipping from it, all day long. One of the quickest ways to look older is by leaving yourself dehydrated, so don’t let that be you!

A little help from a friend
We all need a little help from a friend sometimes, you could have had a late night and puffy eyes, or a pesky outbreak of pimples and you need to conceal. Use a liquid concealer, as this will not ‘cake’ and draw additional attention to the area you are looking to conceal. An absolute must-have for any makeup bag is the genius of Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

A click pen dispenses just the right amount of light-diffusing concealer liquid, that has saved my beauty bacon may a time and helped me look radiant, instead of ropey!

So, enjoy your youth while you grow in wisdom, but keep the skin of someone with a little less ‘experience’!

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