Foolproof Beauty Tips for Surviving Wicked Winter Weather

Are you plagued by dry lips and cracked skin during winter? Do you dread the harsh dry weather you know you'll have to suffer through before spring arrives? 

If you hate dealing with cracked hands, flaking skin, and sore lips, there are easy ways you can avoid the damaging effects of winter weather. 

Consider the following beauty tips for surviving winter weather:

1. Hair needs extra care during the winter months. 

Moisturize liberally to ensure your hair remains healthy and vibrant. If you find your hair plagued by static electricity after brushing, gently wipe a dryer sheet over your hair follicles to eliminate those dreaded fly-away hairs.

2. Winter is an excellent time to exfoliate your body skin. 

Skin is already dry during the colder months of the year; exfoliating dry skin helps you feel fresh and clean. Follow your exfoliation routine with an invigorating shower for maximum freshness.

3. Sun protection is crucial even during the shortest months of the year. 

You want to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays even if you aren't out in shorts and tank tops. Check the labels on protective moisturizers to ensure the SPF rating is appropriate for winter sun.

4. Adequate water intake during winter is a must. 

Opt for ice water if you want an energy boost. As your body works to regulate its temperature after an influx of ice water, you'll feel an increased sense of vitality that won't result in an energy crash that normally comes after a caffeine intake. Your skin will feel plumper and you might even notice less flakiness in your skin as the result of adequate water intake.

Winter needn't be harsh on your skin and hair if you take extra care to maintain a beauty routine. Simple beauty tweaks can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Will you be implementing any of these winter beauty tips to ensure you survive the coldest months of the year?

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