6 Fashion and Beauty Mistakes Men Make

If you think beauty tips only apply to women, you couldn't be more wrong. Men can benefit from beauty tips too (some more than others!). Whether you're going for a metro-sexual look or buff and burly, paying attention to your appearance is crucial. Failure to attract the attention of a potential mate or losing out during a job interview just might be due to not paying enough attention to your appearance. If you want to make a better impression from now on, following are six fashion and beauty mistakes you should avoid.

1. Unless you're Mick Jagger, skip the skinny jeans. While a twenty-something hipster might be able to pull off this look, most men can't rock a skinny jean. Opt for a straight-cut jean instead.
2. While we're on the topic of jeans, a relaxed fit jean with a narrow ankle on a man is the equivalent of mom jeans on a woman. Say goodbye to jeans with narrow ankles and opt for a denim that elongates your leg.

3. Don't overdo the aftershave. If you're still spraying cologne in the air and then walking through a cloud of fragrance, just stop it! Scent should entice not overpower. 

4. Socks should be a fashion statement. Gone are the days of matching your socks to shoes or trousers. Opt for patterns that stand out and you're likely to receive plenty of compliments in return.

5. Footwear matters. If your shoes show off your bunion bumps and curly toenails, it's time to invest in a new pair of kicks. Shoes shouldn't be scuffed and tired-looking; they should be the foundation for your look. You can completely ruin a cool look by stepping into a pair of shoes that belong at the local charity shop.
6. Your belt shouldn't look like you're tying a gunny sack in the middle. Belts can be a fashion statement and not just an accessory that holds your pants in place. Opt for a classic belt with style and don't cinch your belt so tight that your pants scrunch. 
Women aren't the only ones that care about their looks. Men can be just as concerned with their looks, especially when it comes to making fashion choices. Bear these tips in mind the next time you think about wearing flip-flops without a pedicure or dousing yourself in cologne. The admiring glances that come your way will be all the thanks you need.

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