These Common Kitchen Items Will Transform Your Beauty Routine

You don't need to go further than your kitchen to rejuvenate your skin, soften your hair, and regain that youthful glow. Some of the most effective beauty treatments can be found in your pantry closet. Whether your wallet is empty, or you want to try a more natural beauty approach, try these cheap, natural methods to look and feel your best. 

1) Baking Soda

Do you have oily hair and dandruff? Baking soda helps removes dead skin and oil buildups – without drying out your scalp! Rub a baking soda and water solution into your roots before you get your hair wet. For best results, scrub your entire scalp with your fingertips. After rinsing, apply an apple cider vinegar solution and rinse clean for silky, soft hair. 

Baking soda can also be used as a cheap, effective teeth whitener. Brush your teeth twice a week with baking soda until you have achieved your desired level of whiteness. Use sparingly; baking soda is abrasive and can damage tooth enamel if used long-term. 

2) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a popular cooking staple, folk medicine for upset stomachs, and, it turns out, an indispensable beauty product.  Apple cider vinegar is a popular component in many all-natural face washes, creams and toners. It can be used as a hair conditioner. 

Kick stubborn acne by applying an apple cider vinegar and water solution to your face daily. Undiluted apple cider vinegar can be used to target stubborn blemishes, fade acne scars, and reduce the swelling in cystic acne. 

Rinse your hair with an apple cider vinegar solution after your regular shampoo routine. Apple cider vinegar returns shine, prevents split-ends, and even reduces frizz and hair-static during dry winter months. 

3) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the ultimate moisturizer. Say goodbye to scaly elbows and cracking cuticles. Apply pea-sized amounts of coconut oil to rejuvenate dry skin anywhere on your body. 

Do you struggle with frizzy hair and split ends? Coconut oil has a cure for that too. Periodically apply a coconut oil mask to your hair to re-moisturize dry ends, reduce frizz, and even enhance your natural curl pattern. 

Take Charge of Your Appearance

Looking good is important. Your appearance is the part of yourself you project to the world, and a bad hair day or zit can make you feel less confident. Project the best version of yourself without spending a fortune. These natural beauty methods are cheap, simple, and effective. The best part is that these ingredients are likely already in your house!

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