Victoria's Secret Mist

I went to San Francisco early June, went shopping and I found Victoria's Secret, but I didn't buy any underwear there, what did I buy then?

Yes, dream angels heavenly, it's a mist, and to my surprise it's quite cheap, US$15, not bad. Although it's plastic bottle, not glass, it's good enough for me. The smell is nice, a bit like the male Jean Paul Gaultier I used to love a long time ago. The smell is light, just enough for myself and people standing close to smell it, not strong. I like it.

And I have to say that this is the first mist I bought for myself. I don't put it on every day, just sometimes when I feel like it, I don't want it to be my signature "smell", you know how smell would remind people of you, i mean fragrance smell, not body odor. :P It would just be boring if I am just a particular smell. I like myself to be more diversed and unpredictable...haha!


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