My new BB cream

Here it is, my new BB cream! Etude BB Magic Cream SPF 30 PA++
Etude is a Korean brand, like I said before, BB (Blemish Balm) cream is originated from Germany, popularized by the celebrities and ladies in Korea. The reason I prefer this to Missha is 1. the design of the bottle, 2. the texture.
As you can see from the left and centre photo, the bottle is slimmer than the Missha one, and it's easier to squeeze the cream out with the compress bottle mouth. And when squeezed out, it's like the right photo. The texture is watery, yet still perform the even colour tone function. Below is the demonstrating photo I took.

You can see that my face is brightened and colour so even. It might not be as good as other thicker texture BB cream in covering the spots, but it's good enough for me, i prefer watery.

The trick in using BB cream is to wait for about 5 minutes before applying anything else on top, like eye shadow, blush...etc. And it's ok to also apply BB cream around your eyes. It wouldn't hurt the delicate skin around it (but do apply eye cream beforehand though). The reason for waiting 5 mins is that BB cream normally takes a while to get into the skin, and then when the skin absorbs it, it will start the tone-evening and other functions it possesses. You can see in the photo very obivious that my forehead colour difference is gone and became brightened.
BB cream normally doesn't have different colour or just 2 or 3 colour tones, this is because it simply just adapts to your skin colour after a while, so it doesn't really matter what its colour shade is.
My daily routine for a light and natural make-up is:
1. Dermalogica day bright SPF 15
2. Dermalogica total eye care SPF 15
3. Etude BB Magic Cream SPF 30/PA++
4. Blush
5. Eyeliner
6. Eyeshadow
That's it, I don't need to use concealer or powder, and a simple and natural make-up is done and I am ready for work!
It's takes only about 10 mins or less for me to get the make-up done. Hassle-free! Go get your own BB cream now!


Emily said...

great review check out this bb cream on my blog :] http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2009/07/beauty-product-review-shills-perfect.html#comments

~tHiAmErE~ said...

thanks for the review
i was thinking of trying the etude house BB cream, but i think they don't control oil that much..unlike lioele..

i thought that BB cream originated in germany & was just popularized by korea..

Mathilda - Beauty Editor said...

Hey tHImErE, thanks for the comment, I think you might be right about the origin of BB cream, I remember I read a magazine recently about it originated from Germany. Thanks for your correction! :D

Lyra said...

I'd like to try this BB but my skin is oily. Do you think it will be ok? Or i should try another BB?

Lyra said...

I'm very curious about these brands that we dont have here in Brazil! I love to try new things! ;-)

sugoiart.com.br said...

This bb cream at cosme.de site is for oily or dry/normal skin? If have could you please describe at your site?

Louise - Beauty Editor said...

Hi sugoiart, it doesn't really say, but I think it's more suitable for combination/normal skin. Oily is ok too but dry skin not recommended.


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