BB Cream

The first time I heard of BB cream was about 2 years ago, and I thought that it's a cream for babies, well, BB cream, it makes sense right?! But then I found out it's originated from Korea, BB stands for Blemish Balm, its functions include:

1. Moisturize

2. Repair

3. Evening face tone

4. Oil control

5. Whitening

6. UV protection

7. Anti-wrinkles


The first one I bought was a bottle of Missha, it's quite good in the sense that it evens my face colour, so my face looks more awake and brightened, and it's also good for moisturization, I just need to put on a thin layer of UV cream and then BB cream, it's enough to last for a 8-hour day or more. I have been using this Missha one for like a year until I found a better one...
It's to be revealed tomorrow, stay tuned...

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