Ultimate French Skincare DIAMBEAUTÉ

–by Caroline Hastings-Brown–

Ah, the glamor! Who has said the best stuff about diamonds? Well, it’s those ladies with the ultimate style. Those starlets of yester-year who embodied all that it is to be utterly fabulous. Take a look…

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” 

Mae West

“It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.” 

Dolly Parton

“Big girls need big diamonds.” 

Elizabeth Taylor

Having been engaged rather a lot of times, Zsa Zsa Gabor was asked whether a lady should give back the ring. Her answer?

"Of course dahlink, but first, you take out all the diamonds.” 

Zsa Zsa Gabor

So, what Mae, Dolly, Zsa Zsa and Elizabeth are saying, was summed up perfectly by the quintessential sex symbol of all time…Marilyn Monroe…to quote the legend ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!’

Whether you agree, or are a little more spiritual about what makes the world go round, (I believe it is love, but hey, that’s just me
J) you cannot deny the power, strength and clarity of that magical gem, the diamond!

French brand DIAMBEAUTÉ has harnessed this with their luxurious skin care collection. For vividly renewed, sculpted and luminous skin, the main ingredient in this amazing cream is black truffles, also known as Black Diamond. Research has shown that black truffle has 18 kinds of amino acids (including 8 essential amino acids), which are effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains a rich blend of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements, which promotes skin renewal for a more radiant, translucent and youthful complexion. 

Who can say no to that? DIAMBEAUTÉ also introduces three other ingredients which have been acknowledged by scientists for their skin beautifying effects – diamond powder, 24K gold and SEPILIFT™ DPHP. Extra-fine diamond powder penetrates into skin to stimulate skin cell renewal, revealing glowing, younger-looking skin; 24K gold helps revitalize skin, improve dullness, and promoting skin metabolism to fight against free radicals and delay aging; SEPILIFT™ DPHP, one of the most powerful patented anti-aging ingredients in the 21st century, triggers collagen remodeling and collagen fiber contraction to deliver instant lifting and wrinkle-smoothing effects as well as excellent hydrating capability.

I hear your question – how do I get me some of THAT? Easy. Go to COSME-DE.COM and order:

DIAMBEAUTÉ Supreme Refining Mask (4-Piece Set) – A luxurious, rejuvenating mask infused with the potent ingredients to instantly reveal a younger, smoother, hydrated, and more radiant complexion.

DIAMBEAUTÉ Supreme Refining Mask (4-Piece Set)


DIAMBEAUTÉ Supreme Refining Cream –
A highly effective, luxurious cream infused with potent ingredients to smooth wrinkles, restore radiance and moisture to skin, revealing a vividly renewed, sculpted, luminous and younger complexion.


DIAMBEAUTÉ Supreme Refining 7-Day Treatment Set, which includes a DIAMBEAUTÉ Supreme Refining Mask and 7 DIAMBEAUTÉ Supreme Refining Cream samples (2ml each).

There you have it glamor girl! Viva the full glamor days!

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