2017 Spring Makeup Trends

- by Brenda Chan -

As we entered the new year, it’s time to bid farewell to an epic year in makeup in 2016: red bold lips, arty eyeliners, and blue eye shadow seen on the runways. We’re happy to be putting away those memories as we approach the spring / summer season, which is all about fun and colorful makeup. And this year we’re bringing the 80’s trend back – lip gloss, sheer foundation, pink color, and go heavy hand with your blush!

Lip Gloss

Last year was all about matte lips, but this spring we’re bringing back the days when your lip gloss was popping. Lip gloss is a refreshing change to the matte lip trend that dominated the last couple of years. It gives your lips dimension, youth and shine. Remember those days when everyone’s obsessed with lip gloss? Now I want to relive those days! 

Givenchy Gloss Revelateur Lipcolor Enhancer Crystal Shine is my go-to for creating the perfect sheer, glossy pout. This unique color-enhancing gloss works like a magic wand, tinting lips from light pink to transparent fuchsia – depending on each woman who wears it. It leaves a sheer finish on your lips that is always transparent and totally wearable. Perfect for delivering a fresh and luminous look.

Skin that Glows

In 2017, we’re going back to the most important step – creating healthy, glowy and conditioned skin. Let your skin breathe – no more contouring or strobing. Fresh skin paired with color wash eyes is the trendy makeup look this coming season.

A featherlight foundation that achieves virtually imperceptible yet totally perfect complexion. With every stroke, the ingenious brush of By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush Illuminating Flawless Foundation Brush guarantees flawless skin. This anti-aging foundation is formulated with skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid microspheres that plump up wrinkles for an instant lifting effect.

Watch Out for Blush Bomb

If there is a part that’s going to be the focus of your makeup this spring, that’ll undoubtedly be your cheeks. The 2017 spring/summer backstage makeup trends are all about bold blush color worn with fierce confidence. 

Like at the Kenzo fashion show, a model wears a red-hued blush blended from cheek to temple.

If you are after a more subtle effect, you can trace a pink multipurpose cream color across the cheekbones, up towards the temple and over the eyelids, finally dabbing some on the lips. Using the same color tone for cheeks, lips and eyes is the trend to look out for this spring-summer season. 

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks is a blendable air-whipped mousse that beautifully highlights your lips, cheeks and eve eyelids with a sensual soft matte finish.

Color Wash Eyes 

Eye makeup is always fun and colorful in spring and summer. For 2017, the bolder the eye color, the better. Dab gorgeous washes of eye shadow onto your eyelids.

Founded by internationally-famed Japanese makeup artist AYAKO, ADDICTION creates beautiful makeup for women to achieve their own individual style. Its eyeshadow features delicate gradations and texture that enhance the beauty of your eyes. 

Straight, Boyish Brows

Dramatic, arched brows are dated. Straight, naturally groomed brows are on-trend for 2017 spring. To achieve this look, use a tinted gel to hold brushed brows and fill them lightly.

Award-winning bbrowbar Eyebrow Gel keeps your eyebrows in place and color in any sparse areas. Formulated to nourish and condition while providing rich, glossy coverage, it doubles up as a great mascara, too.

Girls, try out these makeup trends this spring/summer and create a makeup look that is beautiful and on-trend!

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