4 Top Autumn Skincare Tips

As we start to feel an unusual chill in the air and those bright green-hued leaves start slowly turning to gold, russet and beautiful reds, it’s time to look at the best way to care for your skin during autumn. Autumn is a transitional time, and our skin deserves a bit of attention, both to correct any damage done in summer, as well as prepare for the start of the dryness of winter.

Change It Up!

It is the perfect time to change up your skincare. Autumn and winter bring dryness in the air, so the central idea is to adapt to this by bringing a lot more moisture into your skincare routine. You can start with one of the most important factors for skin hydration all year round – water, water and more water. Drink water whenever you can, give it a twist with some lemon and cucumber slices, do what you must to ensure you drink enough water, and your skin will thank you for it! You can also put back some moisture into the air in your home by using a humidifier, especially at night, to beat the dryness and keep your home environment nice and moist.

When it comes to looking at products, the same theory applies, we need to lose any drying, soapy ingredients that we might have loved in summer, and look for moisturising, emulsifying, creamier textures in our skincare products.

Add Some Moisture Wherever You Can

Exfoliation is still important, as this gets rid of dead skin cells; however, try a lovely oil-based scrub that moisturises as it sloughs away that dead skin, such as L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub. Its creamy texture with shea butter, honey extract and apricot means it gently gets rid of any flaky skin without drying, leaving the skin silky and supple. Massage the body with gentle circular movements, rinse and pat dry.

 L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub

The cleansers we will want to use change too – going for an oil or creamy wash for face and body is better than a soap-based wash. If you have not tried the absolutely wonderful EVE LOM Cleanser, now is your chance! A signature blend of 4 aromatic oils, this cleanser was described by Vogue magazine as “probably the best cleanser in the world” and I would like to agree here! The result is glowing, radiant, moisturised, perfectly clean skin with a smooth, refined texture. The cleanser comes with a specially woven muslin cloth and a quick and highly effective routine.

You Can Never Be Too Rich…

When it comes to moisturising, we can ditch the lotion in favour of a richer cream. This provides a far better barrier against water and moisture loss as well as imparting more moisture into the skin. And it’s important to remember the parts of us that get dry quickly, like our hands, feet and lips. Hands are exposed to the harsh elements and need a rich, caring cream, and gloves when necessary. Feet get closed up, and forgotten about once it is no longer warm enough to wear those gorgeous strappy sandals and lips get chapped and dry.

Don’t let this be the case in winter as you keep your hands, feet and lips well-moisturised in autumn and throughout winter. To keep your lips super moisturised and protected, use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15, pop it in your handbag and don’t go anywhere in autumn without it!

Don’t Forget To Smile And Enjoy!

Remember, above all, that autumn is also a LOT of fun! You can pack away the pastels and look for beautiful, rich, deep colours. You can pull out your stylish boots, jeans and scarves. Don’t despair for those balmy summer days, autumn is just as beautiful, and so are you!

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