2016 Autumn Makeup Color Trend Part 2: Lipstick

We love our lipstick, we can’t help it! It’s the makeup essential that really adds focus to our face, and this autumn is definitely no different. Following on from the recent trend for individuality, you can take just about any look that you really love lip-wise and adapt in into your autumn makeup look. But there were a couple of strong trends to watch out for that will update your look to right here, right now in autumn 2016!

Going Over To The Dark Side

This is a prominent trend for autumn 2016 – deliciously dark lips that hint at moody, seductive secrets, this look is full-on drama and glamourous in the extreme! The lips showed up in velvety textures, full and sensual. The colour palette showed up with deep burgundy, dark purple, intense brown, scrumptious plum and the most daring of all – pure black! So, how do you wear this daring and deep look? The best way is to keep the rest of the look fairly minimal, so the focus is on those lips!

Just because we are dabbling in the dark makeup arts, doesn’t mean we don’t want to protect our precious skin, and Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer with coconut and Vitamin E oils will soothe and nourish your lips. Choose the stunning ‘Rhubarb’ shade and you will be devastatingly dark, but very bright at the same time as you look after your lips!

In The Pink

Some days you will just want to indulge in one of the most flattering and on-trend shades around – pink! It suits everyone and gives that innocently pretty and youthfully fresh look. Once again, formulation is important, and Jane Iredale Just Kissed lipstick is created as “lip plumper” as well, so you can fill out your pout and once again, care for your skin at the same time. This product is amazing because it combines the saturated colour of a lipstick with a more liquid texture of a lip gloss. The product includes a peptide that can increase collagen synthesis and hydration, and it doesn’t sting the lips as some lip-plumping formulas can do. This all-in-one protector plumps, softens, exfoliates and imparts gorgeous colour all in one. Go for the delightfully pretty pink ‘Sydney’ shade for an on-trend colour that you will keep wearing and wearing.

Lacquer your look

The 90’s trends are all creeping stealthily back into our hearts (and onto our faces) this autumn! One of those is to use a whole lot of lip gloss. This winner is youthful and fresh, and glows with innocence. For a super shiny glossy gloss and a glamourous lacquered effect, you just cannot go wrong with Lancome’s Juicy Tubes. Give yourself a totally transparent shine with the tiniest hint of pink with the delightfully named “Peche” shade. It’s so easy to wear and also great for days when you do not have a lot of time, just slick some on and go!

LANCÔME Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss Ultra Shiny
                                               LANCÔME Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss Ultra Shiny 

So whether you are a gothic dame, an innocent pink debutante or a lip-lacquer girl (or all three, when you choose to be,) update your look and get some new lip shades to ease you into autumn.

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