Skincare Experience: Galactolift Skin Treatment Lotion

Why do celebrities always get to walk around with that glowy, dewy skin?

Do you ever look at pictures of celebrities – actresses, models, pop stars – and wonder about something? I know I do. I wonder how on earth they always manage to have skin that just radiates with health and glows with beauty? It’s like they have an extra little light function inside their skin that makes them look so very lovely. I mean, think of the Jennifers (Lawrence and Lopez), or Miranda Kerr, or Katy Perry, or Beyonce. I’ve always wanted me some of that!

Daily facials with diamond dust?

And I have often thought that maybe it is because they can afford daily facials with real diamond dust in them, or the fact that they have personal trainers and chefs that keep them so healthy they never have anything to eat beside a kale smoothie.

There is another way, the Galactolift way

But, there is another way that I have found, yes, gather around! I have been using Galactolift Skin Treatment Lotion, a Japanese product that is made from 97% Galactomyces, which is a yeast extract. 

This comfortable miracle lotion/toner penetrates deeply into your skin, and combats all those signs of aging that I don’t want to even talk about – like wrinkles, dryness and sagginess.

I smell skin success

Now, yeast extract, I see your cute little nose wrinkling up! Doesn’t that smell awful? Yes, I am afraid it does. Which is why I am so excited about this product! Galactolift manages to contain all the goodness of the yeast extract, in high concentration, but has absolutely NO ODOR! Marvelous. No one wants a face that smells like an uncooked loaf of bread, do they?

But I don’t have a bucket load of spare cash lying around!

My other great bugbear is this. Do I need to sell my car or mortgage my home in order to get some of this miracle in a bottle for myself? With many other face treatments over the years, the answer would be yes, you do. However, there is a new kid in town that is totally affordable! Galactolift is for everyday beauties, who would love to have a superb product that shows real results, at a real price!

Save on packaging!

The Galactolift packaging is simple and functional. Which is part of the reason that the price is more affordable compared to other miracle lotions/toners! Hurrah to that, I say!

The science bit
It also contains some super awesome ingredients that produce amazing results – like that red carpet, cinema screen glow! So, here’s the science bit!

Galactolift also contains:

Matrixyl 3000: an anti-aging peptide with micro particles that penetrate easily into the skin, promoting metabolism, reducing wrinkles and firming saggy skin

Argireline: also known as Botox cream, it inhibits the secretion of substances which form expression lines

Hyaluronic acid: provides abundant moisture not only for the surface of skin, but also the stratum corneum to create suppleness from within

Allantoin: extracted from snail slime, this anti-inflammatory ingredient helps improve skin texture, calms rashes and acne, promotes skin regeneration and prevents pigmentation

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