Choosing Exfoliators, The Nitty Gritty For Radiant Skin

Exfoliating your skin promises wonders that sound like music to my ears. Words like radiant and glowing just make me want to shout ‘Where can I get this? Well, my friends, exfoliation is one of the best ways to get that beautiful, healthy, radiant look.
But, like anything, not all exfoliators are created equal, and some are good for certain skins, while others – not so much! It is important to understand the different types of exfoliation, and which one might be the best for your gorgeous visage!

What is exfoliation, exactly?

Essentially, exfoliating your skin means you are removing dead skin cells that clog your pores and dull your complexion. Taking away the dead stuff reveals the fresh, bright, young cells beneath. It also means that darker patches are lightened and your skin has more clarity. On top of that, exfoliating means that any other products (such as moisturiser) that you use after you have exfoliated can sink in quickly and be more effective. Bonus! But be wary – you don’t want to hurt or irritate sensitive skin or end up with red, painful skin because you overdid it. Gently does it!

Three ways to a radiant glow

There are three basic types of skin exfoliation – physical, chemical and enzymatic. So let’s check them out!

Physical exfoliation can be a scrub or rotating sonic brush, and also includes treatments such as microdermabrasion. A scrub often contains various small solid grains made from natural substances, that gently ‘scrape’ or slough away dead cells. I love to use APIVITA Brightening Face Scrub with Bilberry. This can be used by everyone – those with sensitive skin, teenagers and men included. This scrub combines fine almond grains as well as mild fruit acids and bilberry. It also contains organic ingredients that sooth, nourish and moisturise, leaving my skin feeling unbelievably soft after using it. 

Chemical exfoliation typically involves alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s), hyaluronic acid or salicylic acid. Now, acid on your lovely face sounds a bit harsh, but quite the opposite is true in these cases. These mostly originate from milk and fruit sugars and penetrate the skin very well. When I have some time on my hands and I want to relax and watch some TV, I love to give my skin a treat with Origins Never A Dull Moment™ Skin-Brightening Face Polisher with Fruit Extracts. If I have a few uneven patches, Origins is my go-to girl! After cleansing and toning, you apply a thin layer to your face and leave for a few minutes. This face polisher exfoliates lackluster skin cells and restores a youthfully radiant, alive look to the skin. 

Enzymatic exfoliation uses enzymes from fruits and plants to break down the dead skin cells. Most commonly used are enzymes from papaya, pumpkin and pineapple. The enzymes break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells onto the skin, while simultaneously strengthening the underlying healthy cells. An enzyme exfoliant is recommended for those with sensitive skin or who experience a tingling or stinging sensation when using any of the chemical ingredients.
Many products will use a combination of these methods along with moisturising and soothing ingredients. One of my all-time favourite skincare brands, Dermalogica, has such a product, that you will love! 

This product combines AHA’s, fruit enzyme extracts and conditioning and moisturising botanical ingredients. You apply a thin layer for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing and following with moisturiser.

Smooth sailing
So, as I ‘smoothly’ close off this blog post, don’t forget to find yourself an exfoliant that is perfect for your skin and use weekly for the skin that is the envy of all!

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