Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Set

It's summer time, have you found that the eyeliner you used to use is not as good as before anymore? Because the sweat and oil make it flake, and only until noon then you have already become a "panda". It's annoying, isn't it? I had the same experience until I found.......Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner!

I remember when I first saw this product, the first question I had was "How can this brush draw out a fine eyeline?" That's why I didn't buy it. And until recently, my friend gave hers to me, and I tried for the first time. Incredible! Not only you can draw a fine line with the brush, its softness just made you feel so nice.

Mine is the black one, but the colour looks more dark greyish which is good because it looks more natural that way. The best thing about this eyeliner is that it doesn't smudge around the eyes even after a long time, thus Long-wearing as they put it! Also, it's water-resistant, so it's sweat-proof.

I don't think there's a better product than this one for the summer.

Tips: Remember to use tissue to clean the brush every time after using it, otherwise it will become hard after while and then won't be usable anymore.

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