Best After-sun Soothing Products

Have you been enjoying the sun on the beach? Every time after sun-bathing, you should use after-sun products to cool and refresh your skin. Here are some good after-sun care products.

Personally, I really love gel type after-sun products, I normally store them inside the fridge to maximise the cooling effect:

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing can be used on face and body.

If you don't like gel, here are two lotion which are good too:

Dermalogica After Sun Repair uses its very own reparative complex together with seaweed extracts and soothing botanicals, protecting your skin cells while restoring the skin's condition.

L'Occitane After Sun Balm formulated with organic vegetable butter of CupuaƧu, it's the  the ideal ingrdient to intensely hydrate and regenerate the skin after sun exposure.

Remember to protect your skin both before and after sun-bathing.

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