Sephora Eyeliner

As promised (a while ago :P) that I would write about the Sephora Eyeliner, and here you go!

I have used it about 4 times, the first time I used it, I really liked it because the lines are pretty obvious and the texture is soft. It's only after a couple hours that I saw the negative side of it.

I guess since the colour is easy to get on the eyes, it's easy to come off as well. Towards the end of the night, when I looked into the mirror, I saw my lower eyelines towards the outer corners are blackened. I found myself like a panda...

After the 4 times usage, I need to sharpen it already, since it's quite a short eyeliner to begin with, I don't think it could last for long.

So to conclude, I like the colour and texture of it, but not that when it comes off to the lower eyelines.

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Susan said...

I like your reviews, so neat and has pictures too.

Micah loves Pearl Necklace said...

I am Make up Addict ;)
Totally love your Eyeliner ..

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