The best Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day is coming up, and it's time for us to think of a way to thank them, and what's better than bringing them back their youth? Here, take a look at this Biotherm Lift Instant Flash (Filling Vials Lift and Instant Radiance) which I just tried out.

The vials and the tip in the middle.
                        1. The vial.                 2. After shaking, break open the vial.
            3. Put the tip halfway down the vial.    4. Shake it once, and the content is out.
5. Squeeze the tip, so the content flow into your palm. 6. After it's all out.

When I broke it open, I was a bit nervous, it's the first time I used this kind of product, I was worried that the glass would broke into a mess. :P But it's all fine, you just have to apply a bit more strength (and braveness) to break it.

The content is certainly more than enough for the whole face, so I applied the excess to the neck as well, you know, that's where the visible wrinkles are! And in order to not waste any of it, I kept hitting the bottle against my palm to get everything out, and applied them to the back of my hands as well. :)

The smell is nice and natural, not too strong, and the face felt as if you have applied a film of egg white on the face, it's tightened. The feeling slowly went away after 15 mins. As magical as it sounds, the wrinkles on the face seemed to be ironed out.

It feels great! And it's cheap, USD38 for a pack of 8. A nice and ideal gift for mums this Mother's Day. Buy now!

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