Sephora in Paris


I am travelling in Paris at the moment, it's been a relaxing day today, and I think it's becoming a habit that I visit Sephora in every city I go. I went to the Sephora here in Rue de Rivoli, a street full of chain stores like Etam, ZARA, H&M...etc. I just bought a Sephora glitter eyeliner, it's 4.5 euro, when I tested it, it looks very dark and the glitter isn't too shiny (which is good). I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, so will let you guys know how it looks actually when I finish my Za eyeliner. I don't have the card reader yet, so can't load the photo up here now, will do it soon, so you guys could see how the Sephora looks like here, and of course also the eyeliner I bought. :)

Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

Hello, i happened to stumble upon your blog,and just want you to know that if you like to go to Sephora Paris, its better you visit the one from Champs-Elysées,take the Metro Franklin Roosevelt Line1, it's biggest one than in Rue de Rivoli, its not enough item you can see in Rue de Rivoli..I know because i live in Paris :-)

Mathilda - Beauty Editor said...

Thank you very much for your advice! In fact, I went to the one on Champs-Elysées the day after I visited the one on Rue de Rivoli. It's true that it's bigger. And I got a very nice Givenchy ribbon fragrance sample. I will upload the photo of it soon. :)

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