Dermalogica - An unforgettable first encounter

I have been using Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant for quite some time now, like a year already, but I still can't forget the first time of our "encounter".

When I first poured them out, they are dry, white powder, and very fine textured. In order to start the process, I just needed to mix it with water, then they started become slightly foamy to the level which I think it's just right for face cleansing. I normally apply it to a dry face since it feels more effective if the foam doesn't get too watery, after massaging on the face for like a minute or two, just wash it off like you do with any other face cleanser. Sounds just like another face cleansing foam? You are totally wrong if you think so!

I think just from the name of the product - Microexfoliant - you know that this is a product different from any other, it's not exfoliant, which usually contains coarse particles for rubbing the dirt on your face away, and it could potentially enlarge your pores, that's why they are not meant to be used daily. However, this is Daily, and it's Micro? Why? The reason is that the powder is so fine that it won't over-stimilate your skin, and the result is just amazing! After cleansing, my skin feels very smooth and supple, and most importantly, it feels very clean. Honestly, I was and still am amazed by the result it brings, never in my life (so far) I have used an exfoliant so fine and effective.

Does it sound like an exaggeration? Go buy and try it yourself, I am sure you will agree with me.

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