How do you treat your hands?

I think most women have a handcream or some sort in their bags, especially in winter when the weather is dry. And of course I am no exception. But I put it in my office desk instead of my bag for 1. I am worried that the bottle would burst and mess up my bag (it happened once to me :( ); 2. I don't like applying handcream when (I feel that) my hands are not clean. Thus, I normally put on handcream after washing hands in toilet, this explains my photos taken in the office today.

I have 2 bottles of handcream in the office: Crabtree and Evelyn Summer Hill Hand Therapy and Johnson's Extra Care Healing Hand Cream. The former is given to me as Christmas gift, the latter I bought for myself a while back. I have been using Johnson's one for a couple of months, it's fairly cheap, and I like it because it's not greasy, and has a slight sweet smell to it. However, ever since the dry weather hit Hong Kong, my hands become drier, and dry skin and cuticles keep wrapping around my fingers even after applying the handcream. The more I cut/bit my cuticle and dry skin, the more they appear (irritating!). At first I thought I didn't drink enough water to moisturise my skin. But it's actually because of the handcream.

Why am I so sure? Because I notice today that my skin around my nails are more moisturised and healthy (it's pinkish instead of white! Yay!) It's been almost 3 weeks since I switched to the Crabtree handcream, the texture is soft, not too greasy, and very easily absorbed by skin. And the good thing about it is that it doesn't leave a film of cream in the palm, for some creams I tried, it always leaves a strange feeling on my palms which I couldn't stand. As for smell, this Summer Hill is quite a light smell, enough to let yourself appreciate it, but too strong that others would find it annoying (you know, some pungent fragrance women put on could really affect people). Not to miss is its size, this is a 25ml bottle, very handy and convenient for women's hangbag.

Tips when applying:
1. Make sure every finger and nails receive some cream. I usually wrap each finger with my other hand.
2. Squeeze each palm for a minute to encourage blood circulation.

For winter weather, I vote Crabtree handcream for all beautiful ladies.

P.S. Hands can reveal your age, so don't be lazy to apply handcream daily.

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