Holiday Remedy: Tired Feet

While you are giving so much attention to your face, foot always get forgotten, but don't forget that they do work hard while you are dancing around in your pointy high heels. So I think they do deserve some premium care. How about a nice massage?
  1. Soak your feet in warm water (personally I prefer higher temperature) for 10 minutes. This not only warm up your feet, but also soften skin for better absorbtion of cream or oil. Make sure you dry your feet completely before massaging.
  2. Apply some cream or oil to hand for ease and comfort. Rub your hands to warm them up beforehand.
  3. First start stroking the top of foot, from toe to ankle, and then the sole.
  4. On the sole, move in circular motions with thumb (also fingers if you are massaging for others, thumb is easier to apply pressure for DIY massage), apply extra pressure on heel and balls as these are the areas which suffer most from your high heels.
  5. Hold your foot on lower calf (right foot with right hand), then use the other hand to hold first the ankle, then the ball of the foot, gently rotate 5 times each direction.
  6. After rotating both feet, hold the foot again with one hand, the other hand make a fist, knead the sole with moderate pressure, from ball of foot to heel.
  7. Take each toe individually from big toe to pinky toe, hold each between thumb and index finger, slide down the toe to end with gentle pressure. Gently squeeze the end of each toe.
  8. Use your index finger to slide down between each toe for 5 times.
  9. Use your thumb and index finger in circular motions over sole, end the massage by stroking sole and instep with palm.
  10. Wipe off excess cream or oil gently with soft towel.

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herbalfeet said...

great info, thanks for the tips, and don't forget to apply herbal foot cream after remedy.

Cynthia Samantha said...

I love organic cosmetics. It is great that all manufacturers are beginning to become green.

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