Special Cleansing Gel - It's really special!

Guess I am just a really bad blogger...alright, I promise I will keep up with the pace of my blogs. Anyways, here's another great product's review: Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel.
Have you ever come across facial cleansers that left your skin dry and tense? I do! I can't remember how many different brands I have tried until I found this perfect cleansing cleanser! Yes! It's really true to its name, Special Cleansing Gel. It doesn't produce enormous amount of foam when rinse with water, but enough to make you feel that your face is being cleansed. I use daily during shower, and after using it, my face is clean and supple. And afterwards, I just need to put on toner and then go to bed, doesn't even requires moisturizer. How great!
I highly recommend this to all of you who's searching for a good facial cleanser.
P.S. Recently I am addicted to this Dermalogica brand. Next time I will tell you about the other products from it which I am also using. :)

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