Dry Skin SOS!

Just came back from Beijing (China), oh my god, the weather was SOOOO dry there, my skin literally cracked. And the worst thing was that my sensitive nose became crazy, I kept sneezing for the whole 1st day, and my nose was in so much pain. And you know what, in the next few days, the skin beneath the nose began to dry and none of the moisturizers i brought helped. And that's when I really wanted to have Sisley Comfort Extreme Day Skin Care (Very Dry and Sensitive Skin).
I remember the last time I used it while i was in Hong Kong, I felt that it's a bit too rich because Hong Kong is humid. But it's perfect when it's for such dry weather like in Beijing! If I had it, I would put a thick layer on my skin and my nose wouldn't look as bad as it had been. If you have experienced what I had experienced, you would know what I meant, I couldn't even put my foundation on because it would look even worse...poor me...so the next couple of days I was meeting people with the peeling skin underneath my nose...
So next time, I would remember to bring the a-little-too-rich cream with me whenever I am travelling to dry places!

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