Beauty products of lower prices

Human-beings of course want to have things cheap but top quality, however, when it comes to beauty products which I actually have to apply on skin, if it's too cheap, I tend to be hesitant.

This Yukeido Placenta Collagen Mask is a typical product I want to talk about. This brand Yukeido is a Japanese brand, many people said it's useful and skin is actually whiter, brighter and finer after using it. But it's only US$22/5 pcs! Isn't it cheap? I have been skeptical, so I didn't try it until my sister talked about it and my colleagues saying it really works and worth buying. So I did, and I tried...it does work! Skin looks brighter instantly, I have used it for 3 consecutive nights now, and my skin seems to be finer. I will need to finish the other 2 to see the true result.

But so far, I like it. Here are some other brands which are also of lower price range for those who are interested to have a look:

Yukeido: http://www.cosme-de.com/en/brand/brand_page.html?bpid=b00000163

Miracle: http://www.cosme-de.com/en/brand/brand_page.html?bpid=b00000112

Are you interested to try? Or you are as skeptical as I once were?

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