Mother looks like my sister

My parents look much younger than they actually are, and I look 90% like my mum, a blessing because she's pretty! :D Haha! She has beautiful eyes, nice sharp nose and wonderfully smooth skin. and most important of all, she's a caring mother. She's always the one I get annoyed by, yes, all those "put your coat on, it's cold outside.", "go to bed early."...but without these annoying reminders, I guess I won't be as happy and healthy as I am today! So I think she really deserves a gift on the coming Mother's Day...but what to get?

  • Eye cream?
  • Lipstick?
  • Face moisturizer?
  • Hair treatment products?

Um...I need to start thinking seriously before it's too late!

What about you? What will you get for your mum?

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