Clinique Happy

Smell is one of the things that can really trigger memory and I guess that's the reason for people spraying fragrance. They want a signature of themselves, something that differentiates them from other people, something for people to remember.

For me, it's simpler, I just want to make myself feel good! When I recieved my first fragrance set from Clinique, the "Clinique Happy" really made me very happy, I don't know why, I just love the smell of it. Let's be HAPPY together!

Here is the original Clinique Happy product description:

A chic, modern, multi-layered floral with the sparkling, lingering fragrance of citrus and selected flowers.

Clinique Happy is a sparkling floral fragrance which arouses a state of complete happiness with a unique blend of vibrancy, clarity, and feminine sensuality. What you smell is a hint of citrus and a wealth of flowers.

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