Singles’ Day Discounts: Gorgeous, Single, And Free To Mingle!

by Caroline Hastings-Brown

I do not need an excuse to buy gorgeous gifts for myself, but I know some people do, so here it is! On 11/11 is the Singles’ Day Festival. You, see, 4 ones all lines up, on their own? The holiday originated in China, called Guannggun Jie, and it will be in its 8th year in 2016.

This modern “folk” holiday is all about celebrating being proud to be single. And yes, being single is super fun! You are free to do as you please. And as this is a recently created holiday, the tradition is………online shopping! Yes, I know, as if we needed an excuse! Singles’ Day is the perfect time to jump online and treat yourself! And especially at COSME-DE.COM where we are always looking for ways to give more! All discounts valid from 9 – 14 November 2016.

Shop Online And Get More For Your Money

So, let your fingers do the hard work, and get yourself major discounts and free gifts when you shop at COSME-DE.COM for all the best, the latest and the greatest skin and makeup products. Spend USD 260 (US site) / USD 260 (RMB 1742) (China site) / AUD 300 (Australia site) / HKD 1600 (Hong Kong site) and you get 15% off your order! Treat yourself just a little more (we all know the latest beauty products are ESSENTIAL) and get a whopping 20% off your order of USD 300 (US site) / USD 300 (RMB 2031) (China site) / AUD 390 (Australia site) / HKD 2000 (Hong Kong site). Go the whole way by spending USD 510 (US site) / USD 510 (RMB 3452) (China site) / AUD 580 (Australia site) / HKD 3500 (Hong Kong site) or above, and not only will you save an incredible 28% on your entire order, but you will receive one of our gorgeous free gifts as well!

Thanks, Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder is definitely a major player when it comes to being one of the biggest beauty brands in the world. This powerhouse of a business lady is an inspiring icon to women and girls all over the world. And we are giving away free Estee lauder gifts with your spend!

How do you feel about a free stress relief eye mask? Singles are known to be the best partiers, so if you have had a few too many late nights and good times, don’t let it show around the eyes! Estée Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask helps prevent moisture loss and gives additional moisturization to dehydrated skin. Puffiness around eyes is visibly reduced. Try this revitalizing, 10-minute mask treatment for the vulnerable area under the eye, diminishing puffiness and signs of fatigue. A targeted concentration of anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients relax and refresh the skin around the eye. That’s better! 

And we all know the most important feature of the face is….the eyes. The windows to the soul. Make sure your windows are beautifully framed with Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara. Get big, beautiful and wide-open eyes with lashes seductively curled, intensely lifted and highly defined.

And it’s super party-friendly because it resists high temperatures, high humidity and perspiration and holds an expertly separated, smudge-free lash look with 15-hour staying power. 

And after all the fun you had you need to get some refreshing sleep and rest, make sure your beautiful face is as clean as could be with Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi Action Foam Cleanser. The formula thoroughly cleanses and gently exfoliates skin without drying, leaving it soft, smooth, supple, comfortable. 

So, be young, be free, be single and happy! It’s your time!

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