Gemstone Promotion Part 3: The Aquamarine Mermaid’s Shimmer

Aquamarine literally translates to “sea water” and that is what comes to mind when you look into the depths of this gem.

The azure blue of an exquisite aquamarine reminds us of the ultimate hydration – clear, shimmering, sparkling blue water. Nothing is quite so refreshing. And we all know our skin needs water, and a healthy skin has the perfect hydration system, locking in moisture for that plump, dewy freshness of youth. And the allure of an exquisite mermaid, irresistible to sailors, and anyone really!

Aquamarine Promotion For Your Hydration Skin Care Needs

So, at COSME-DE.COM we know exactly how important hydration is to you, which is why we have discounted four of the world’s ultimate hydration moisturizers, just for you between 11 – 22 October 2016. It’s our pleasure, for we know you will absolutely love the results!

Nourish Your Beauty

For an incomparable radiance, try the luxuriously packaged Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Exceptional Complete Care The Cream. Day after day, it acts upon all the signs of aging to deeply nourish and moisturize skin so it appears remarkably plump and hydrated. With exotic gold orchid extracts and intense regenerating ingredients, you can find the key to unlocking skin longevity and cellular production for the full vitality of completely youthful, nourished skin. 

Velvet In a Sorbet Gel

Get your hands on another iconic beauty brand, the ultimate in chic sophistication, Chanel. The Hydra Beauty Hydration Protection Radiance Gel Cream packs an intense hydration punch backed by advanced antioxidant protection. To bathe your skin in the ultimate beauty and a velvety smoothness, the sorbet gel texture is the ultimate luxury in effectiveness, aroma for hydrated, protected, radiantly dewy skin. 

Caviar Complex

In keeping with the hydrating beauty of the ocean, its luxury product, caviar, is an ingredient in La Prairie Skin Caviar Extrait of Skin Caviar Firming Complex. If you prefer an oil-free moisture boost, this one is for you. It is lightweight, yet drenches the skin with natural nutrients, for a smooth, supple, protected touch with increased firmness and elasticity. Your makeup glides on easily after application and stays for longer. In fact, its effectiveness in creating flawless skin has seen it called a “mini facelift in a bottle!” 

Elixir Of Youth

For spectacular day and night results, Sisley Sisleya L’integral Anti-Age Day and Night may be your magic elixir of youth and hydration. A complex of plant extracts, vitamins and trace elements stimulate cell metabolism, cell renewal and intercellular exchange that result in both immediate and progressive improvement in skin tone and texture and noticeably minimized fine lines. And if it is off into the wild blue yonder on a luxury yacht that you are going, it will protect your skin against wind, cold, weather and stress! 

For the most refreshed, hydrated and youthfully radiant skin, you cannot beat the ultimate moisturizer for your complexion – we know you will find the ultimate one for you right here. Enjoy!

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