Keep Your Skin Moisturized After The Sun

Well, if you ladies have been listening recently, you will know that sun damage is no good, and wearing sunscreen is vital (you can read the post here). However, sometimes there really is just so much fun to be had in the sun, and despite wearing your sunscreen (and reapplying regularly) you might have a little burn going on.

Moisture, moisture, moisture!

You can give your skin a helping hand by rehydrating thoroughly after sun exposure, by using an after sun lotion, milk or gel. These seal in moisture, and if they contain aloe vera, they have a soothing, cooling property that can stop that burning feeling. You should apply immediately after sun exposure to lock in moisture, and you can keep reapplying until the burn has gone, and even then, keep going, to really protect your skin’s moisture.

An after sun treatment can even stop peeling and flaking and extend your golden tan, as good moisturisation stops the dreaded flaking! And, even beyond an after sun lotion, you can make sure you apply a good moisturiser all over after a bath and shower, to further lock in moisture.

Don’t get caught out, get your Summer products ready now!

The Lavera range has a great set of after sun products that is worth stocking up on so you never get caught out after a day of sunning yourself! And the price means that you can buy all three products, as each product is really reasonable.
To start with, Lavera After Sun Lotion contains only organic and natural ingredients, with shea butter to prevent drying, and aloe vera and calendula to cool and soothe. The lotion leaves your skin soft, moisturised and delicately scented.

And let’s not leave our precious hair out of the picture here! Make sure you have a Lavera After Sun Intensive Hair Treatment handy, to deeply moisturise and prevent breakage after the sun and the water that have depleted the moisture in your hair. This hair mask is silicone-free and improves elasticity and manageability of your hair instantly.

And just to make sure your skin, the one you’re in, is completely protected and taken care of after the sun, you can use Lavera After Sun Shower Body Milk!

This is a lovely in-shower treat, you apply all over body and rinse off for a soft, soothed and moisturised after sun skin. Yes, glowing, golden and silkily moisturised! No flaking, peeling or redness.

Now, that is sun sense!

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